Tasty THC E-Pen Bundle

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1 review for Tasty THC E-Pen Bundle

  1. Brandon-Hung Nguyen (verified owner)

    This product is in my opinion 100% worth it.
    I normally just smoke joints, first time I tried this I smoked it like a joint and it F*ed me UP!
    You can smoke this inside of your house and it won’t smell like you jut smoked a bowl or a joint! Which is perfect for me, since I’m not allowed to smoke inside. AND it takes less pulls than a joint to get high (of course) so it’s a bit softer on the lungs. The product is well designed, discrete, light.. it’s PERFECT! 10/10
    And the customer service is pretty surprisingly fast and helpful. I ordered 2 more cartridges bc this product is amazing. I recommended this to some friends and they’ll be looking into it. Next pruchase might be some nice lookin buds!

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